Tea Time Always, always, always the bridesmaid

Always, always, always the bridesmaid

I don’t want to get married. Getting hitched is not in my top 10 things to do and it’s definitely not on my bucket list. However, I love being the bridesmaid!

Afro Diaries Seeing the truth: The pitkrul’s journey

Seeing the truth: The pitkrul’s journey

My natural hair journey started way before I actually decided to go natural. I had thought about letting my hair revert back to its pitkrul state for quite some time before I decided to put that relaxer down and deal with what the Good Lord gave me. Related PostsLove your ‘Fro, Vrou: Melinda Stuurman54Hey Curlies, …

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Mommy-ing Only my kisses

Only my kisses

“You know that your kisses are reserved only for me, right?” This is what I told my son after he told me about his first crush.  I know this line sounds a bit selfish, but I don’t want him to grow up too fast. Let me start at the beginning.

Mommy-ing Sex: an uncomfortable topic

Sex: an uncomfortable topic

Sex is an uncomfortable subject to discuss with your child. Even more so when you are a single mother of a son.

Mommy-ing Dear Mrs Right Way…

Dear Mrs Right Way…

Are single mothers still judged for being for being what they are? I was in Home Affairs recently, applying for a new ID. Not far from where was sitting, I noticed two women also waiting in the queue. One of them had a beautiful little girl on her lap.When the mother of the little girl …

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