About Me

How’re you doing?

I’m Leolynn.

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And this, here, is my inspiration and constant travel companion, Courtnum.

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To say that I’m a single mom is so limiting. And it puts me in a box. So allow me to introduce myself.

I am a mom, girlfriend (when I have time), communications officer, writer, stalker (although I prefer the term private investigator), security guard, ninja, selfie kween and student. And this is only during the day-time (haha).

I started growing my hair naturally in August 2016 and am constantly on the lookout for affordable ways to look after my pitte. I also love to write: poems, short stories. When I’m not researching how to kill a person (for my crime novel, of course), you can find me writing my (hopefully) bestseller.

I love traveling (though I hardly have the budget to do it as often as I want to). Here you will read about my journey, navigating through life, to be the best out-of-box-person I can be. You will also read about my struggles in trying to raise my boy to be a man.

I hope you enjoy it.


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