Love That ‘Fro, Vrou: Laverne Dunn

Copy of Copy of Vrou - Love That 'Fro, Vrou: Laverne Dunn
Hey, Kinkies.
I hope you’ve been doing well since our last chat.
When I started my natural journey,  it was not a pleasant experience. I would get looks and comments that would sometimes shake my faith in humanity, and women in particular.
During the past few months, however, I’ve heard how some women would love to have their hair in its natural state. It’s like this week’s ‘Fro Feature, Laverne Dunn, says, women are fast embracing their natural hair.

lavern dunn - Love That 'Fro, Vrou: Laverne Dunn
Meet Laverne Dunn
” I just love it that women are not worried about being judged for their natural hair. In 10 years being natural will still be prominent. I love being natural because it shows that I have confidence in who I am. I don’t need to blend in with society and what it dictates.”
So bek kort jem, right?
Laverne decided to go natural in 2011.
“Relaxers were starting to damage my hair and going to the hairdresser was kind of expensive.”
So she transitioned for two years before having the big chop. She cut her hair again a while after this.
I always laugh when women say that they want to go natural because it just seems easier. No, woman. Having natural hair is a lot more work.
It’s like Laverne says, “The worst thing about having natural hair is that it sometimes just does its own thing. Most times I just wash and go. I don’t really style my hair. But I do try styles now and then.”

lavern dunn 2 - Love That 'Fro, Vrou: Laverne Dunn

She adds that patience is a big part of being natural.
“It takes a lot of patience to go natural, especially after the big chop but it will be worthwhile. Wearing your natural hair demands a lot of confidence, but it makes you unique.”
Why I have a ‘fro-crush on Laverne is just how at ease she looks rocking her natural hair. I swear, if I ever had to meet her in person, I’d probably have my hands in her ‘fro all the time.
laverne dunn 3 - Love That 'Fro, Vrou: Laverne Dunn
Her go-to product?
“I love using Aunty Jackie’s curl custard and it’s affordable for me. I have a lot of hair and use a lot of product on my hair. This makes my curls pop more.”
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