Love your ‘Fro, Vrou: Melinda Stuurman

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Hey Curlies, Boskoppe, Curlfriends, Natties… whichever group you identify as.

How’s your week been? Mine’s been exciting. I adopted a dog. I’m planning to move back with my parents after my horrifying experience. Aaaand I actually had some blogs posted. So things are looking up.

So this week on “Love Your ‘Fro, Vrou” I’m featuring Melinda Stuurman. Now I don’t actually know her personally, but she’s a friend of a friend of a friend (and I stalk her non-stop on Instagram –  now you know).




Melinda is a photographer for Media24’s Son newspaper in Cape Town. I’ve always heard Shantel, last week’s feature, speak about her. Then one day while scrolling through my Insta-newsfeed, I “met” her. Have you seen this woman’s ‘fro? And her sense of style? Talk about a child of Africa. She’s EVERYTHANG.

Melinda went natural in 2014 and never looked back. Through the years she transitioned slowly and now wears her afro in all its glory.


“I normally plait my hair at night and comb it out in the morning. I would sometimes flatten one side with a hairgrip. I still haven’t found the right product for my hair. At the moment I’m using the different oils and a hair butter.”

Her advice to other newbie naturals is: “Being natural is hard work, and it hurts as well. Be sure you can handle your own hair, cos there are not of salons out there for us naturals.”

But Melinda is sure that might change soon.

“The (natural hair) movement is growing. I love the fact that people are embracing their hair. But what I don’t like about the movement is that people still glorify “good hair” even in this movement. Loser curls are popular than the not-so-curly afro.”

“I love the fact that people are embracing their hair”

I know what she means. Can we get some appreciation for all curl types?! I mean going natural should also be about loving your hair, right? Like Melinda says,”I love the texture of my hair the most”.

You can follow Melinda on Instagram.

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