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Vrou 1 - Love your 'Fro, Vrou - Shantel Moses

Hi Guys.

Sorry I’ve been MIA the last two weeks. I was supposed to start featuring my frovroue but these past two weeks have been hectic.

First-off, my friend of almost two decades came to visit, all the way from KZN (She’s going to be so disappointed if I don’t give her a special mention: hey Isuree Surayah Lawrence *wave*). Then my school friends and I had a small reunion during the weekend (which I will divulge in another post). And last Sunday, I actually had a hair-raising (pun intended) encounter that shook me up so much, the feminist in me almost went into hiding. It took me about a week to get over that scare. But more about this also at another time.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to my first fro-crush, Shantel Moses.

Meet Shantel Moses 186x300 - Love your 'Fro, Vrou - Shantel Moses

Shantel is a journalist for Die Burger in Cape Town. She is the mom and primary caregiver to two very beautiful, very friendly little boys. I met Shantel in 2011 and with her caring heart and no-nonsense approach to life, I immediately fell in friendship-love with her.

pp - Love your 'Fro, Vrou - Shantel Moses

She decided to go natural last year in May.

“My friend Megan was sporting the most beautiful ‘fro. When I asked her how she achieved it, she showed me Aunty Jackie’s Knot on my watch. It smelled so nice so we decided to twist my hair using that. This was at the beginning of May. By the end of May, I couldn’t deal with my see-through split ends so I Big Chopped my hair.

“I love the versatility of my hair: I can wear it straight. I can rock a combed out ‘fro, I can use roller curls and wear my hair in its shrinkage state. I also like playing with colours by dyeing my hair different colours when I want, something I could not do with relaxed hair.

“The worst thing about having natural hair? Maintenance. Maintenance is a real thing with natural hair. I also miss the easy-going flat ponytail I could rock with relaxed hair.”

IMG 20161021 125346 768x1024 - Love your 'Fro, Vrou - Shantel Moses

Shantel’s go-to style is her version of wash-and-go.

“I use my afro-comb to gently comb my hair out after a wash. For that extra softness, I use Dark and Lovely’s Au Naturel’s Afro Butter.”

I can really say that my friend’s hair does look amazing (no I’m not being biased… Okay maybe, but that’s because she’s definitely the embodiment of my #hairgoals).

“Remember your hair is your crown”

Although the natural hair movement has taken the South Africa by storm, she has a different view of this evolution of how people perceive kinky/curly hair.

“I don’t like to think of my hair journey as part of the ‘natural hair movement’. Knowing me, I might even start relaxing again, so I don’t believe that it should be called a movement. But then again, if you are defined by your crown… maybe. I like calling it a journey that might go anywhere.”

Okay, Shantel, so say hypothetically that some people do see it as a movement, and you are one of those people, where do you see the “natural hair movement” in 10 years?

“I am unfortunately not a sangoma and cannot answer that. Kidding. I don’t know. All I know is that for now, I like my ‘fro. It gives me “that thing” – that pride, man. It makes me say, “This is mine”.

Her advice to new naturals?

“Don’t compare your kink or curls to anyone else. Remember your hair is your crown. Wear it with pride. And be patient.”

Thanks Shantel for sharing with us.

You can follow Shantel on her Instagram account here

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