Six Days of Doek

SIx Days of Doek2 - Six Days of Doek

Winter is here (Sorry, GoT fan).

I felt it in my bones earlier this week when I woke up. I smelt it in the air last night. I saw it this morning when the frost on my car’s windscreen refused to melt.

For most naturalistas, winter means protective styling for your tresses.

As I browse through my TL on Facebook and Instagram, I see fellow South African Naturals sporting their protective styles (Love it!). But anyone who knows me would tell you that I do not have the patience for installing PS. I literally have to mentally prepare myself to sit for almost a whole day while someone nimbly braids my hair. I do not have the time for it either because my schedule is packed, especially on weekends. So, enter the doek.

I’ve never really considered wearing a headscarf up until I started transitioning last year. And now I cannot imagine not doing it, especially in winter. For those who are still planning to install their braids, weaves or other protective styling, headscarves are a quick and easy way to protect your tresses throughout the winter.

Below are a few pictures of the ways I wear headscarves to work. Now, bear in mind that I don’t have a lot of practice with the doek, but it doesn’t look too bad… does it (fishing for compliments)?

#rocking the #doek today because #badhairday #naturalhair #naturalhairprobs #doekday

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These two photos were taken when I was still transitioning.


#doekday again today….#transitioninghair #naturalhair

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20170621 143416 e1498204665200 768x1024 - Six Days of Doek
I guess this does not necessarily count as protective, but it’s still a nice way to wear your doek.


20170623 092841 e1498204768694 768x1024 - Six Days of Doek
I like wearing simplicity and practicality when it comes to my headscarves.


20170622 083028 1 e1498207296237 997x1024 - Six Days of Doek
#Carselfie 🙂


20170623 094044 e1498205253548 768x1024 - Six Days of Doek
I’m not really sure what I tried here, but I like it.

Do you prefer headscarves to protect your tresses? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, see you around.

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