The ‘Fro Series: Merryl de Wee

The Fro Series 2 - The 'Fro Series: Merryl de Wee
Hey loves. Hope you’re doing well.
August 2017 marked exactly one year since I decided not to relax my hair anymore. So in light of this, I have decided to continue with my ‘Fro series. This week we’re starting with Merryl de Wee. Merryl hails from Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape. She is a mom, wife, physiotherapist, and a blogger over at Unravelling Curls. I met her, as with Kelley, at a natural hair event in Port Elizabeth earlier this year.  This is her story.

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Why did you decide to go natural
My natural journey is not really something I just decided on one day. It all started when I was working in the Middle East a year ago and struggled to keep my hair from frizzing due to the humidity. Also, relaxer is not something that is sold widely over there. So, I began looking at different ways to style my hair. I started a challenge to see how long I could go without relaxing my hair and ended up loving the results.
BC or Transition?
I transitioned until I started seeing curls form at my roots, which was about eight months in. Then I Big Chopped. I couldn’t wait to be completely natural anymore and transitioning is really difficult. I did my BC myself and it’s been the most liberating I have ever done.
What do you love about being natural?
I love being able to walk in the rain without worrying about my hair frizzing!
What’s the worst thing of being natural?
The amount of time I spend on my hair is exhausting…. and the prices of natural hair products.
What do you think of the natural hair movement?
I think the natural hair movement is such an exciting venture for us as women of colour. As much as it is about changing our hair, it also helps us overcome so many other issues. It’s about not conforming to the standards that society sets for us as well as accepting yourself (like God intended for you to look). It’s about women standing together and supporting each other. I think in 10 years’ time the “natural hair movement” won’t be a thing anymore. It will just be normal. And I think we all, who have just recently gone through the BC will have the most beautiful long and desirable curls.
What is your go-to style? and why?
Definitely wash-and-go. It’s so easy and comes out looking great every time.
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What is your go-to product and why?
I can’t live without my Cantu leave-in conditioning repair cream.
What advice would you give to other naturals just starting out?
1. Don’t become a product junkie. Start small and try to find what works for you.
2. It’s hard in the beginning, but I promise it gets better. So don’t give up.
Thanks Merryl for participating. Follow her on Instagram or take a gander at her blog.
Until next time…
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